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Welcome to Vautour

Vautour is the newest addition to the ever-expanding blogosphere, a world full of outrageous opinion, impeccable style and brilliant artwork. We hope to bring you all that and a little more.

Our goal is to provide you with posts that will entertain, inform and intrigue.  We’ll analyze fashion trends and open your eyes to new styles and designers. We’ll write about culture, film and music. Above all, we’ll strive to be the best blog around.

This blog was conceived nearly a year ago and finally came to fruition last month. Derived from a fleeting dream and a magazine prototype, Vautour was built on our shared love of classic Americana, the gritty, the glamorous and the cutting edge of innovation.  Right now, our theme remains an amorphous blob that will be shaped by whatever you, the readers, want to see. We’re only an e-mail away.

Without further ado, we proudly present Vautour. Enjoy.


John Lockett

Molly Mosher             Britt Perkins                       Emily Note                   Viola Jaster
Managing Editor          Executive Editor             Fashion Director           Design Director

Andrew Mundy                                                 Maria Piquet
West Coast Editor                                               Contributor


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